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Learn to drive in Leeds with automatic driving lessons from a team of female driving instructors teaching good safe techniques of driving automatic cars in a patient and friendly way.

We enjoy teaching with automatic driving lessons in Leeds and we aim to make automatic car lessons fun and very informative. We have a good successful reputation in helping learners to pass the driving test in Leeds in automatic cars as well as setting good standards for a lifetime of safe driving.

People ask us for automatic car driving lessons for lots of reasons, so whether you have previous experience, or you are a complete beginners we can tailor a course of excellent automatic car lessons to meet your requirements. All lessons will be well planned and follow easy step by step techniques with expert guidance from professional female driving instructors in Leeds.

We work alongside 3 very good driving schools which are Penny Automatic Driving School
and Automatic Annie Driving Lessons of Leeds, also the WD automatic driving lessons instructors.

Automatic car tuition is considered easier than manual lessons simply because when driving an automatic car you have more time to deal with the main tasks without having to change the gear, operate the clutch pedal and you will not have to worry about stalling the car. As a result learners make progess quickly, more easily and become more confident on the road.

Below are some good common reason to take automatic driving lessons in Leeds.

  • Learn quickly and save money.
  • No stalling and less holding up of traffic behind.

Come and learn to drive with FDIL Driving School and steer your way to a pass with automatic driving lessons.

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